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Services provided for Start-ups

    Start-ups need to rapidly assemble the right people, alliances, products and services, operations and financing to succeed in today's marketplace.
Orse & Co. helps bring these pieces together in real time. We provide Acting Chief Financial Officer expertise in either full-time engagements or project by project engagements.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Completion and refinement of business plans
  • Completion and refinement of capital plan and/or budgets
  • Completion and refinement of fundraising plan including private placement memorandums and advising and drafting of Initial Public Offering Document (S-1)
  • Coordinate presentation of offering documents with potential investors
  • Arrange interaction with lenders and investors
  • Accounting/Finance group build out including hiring, systems, controls and management thereof
  • Tax planning strategy for roll out domestically and internationally
  • Establishment and maintenance of relationships with accounting firms, banks, legal firms, investment banking firms, etc.
  • Recruitment of senior management team and mentoring of firm staff members
  • Internal budgeting, facilities plans and audit plans
  • Investor relations management
  • Administering equity plans including employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans, etc.

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