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Some recent clients include:
  • Varolii, Inc.
  • Apex Learning, Inc.
  • Mako Strategies, Inc.
  • PAR3 Communications, Inc.
  • Citel Technologies, Inc.
  • Wade Cook Financial Corporation
  • Metaplay, Inc.
  • Blue Frog Mobile, LLC
  • Edge2net, Inc.
  • Freei Networks, Inc.
  • Bit Learning, Inc.
  • eCharge Corporation
  • Seanet Corporation
  • Digital Forest, Inc.
  • GlobalTel Resources, Inc.
Partners that we have worked with include:
  • Ronald B. Fox & Associates
  • Vantage Capital Advisors
  • Clear Fir Partners, LLC
  • Karr Tuttle Campbell
  • Foster Pepper PLLC
  • PriceWaterhouse, LLC
  • Bush Strout & Kornfeld
  • Stoel Rives, LLP
  • Mako Strategies, Inc.
  • Strategic Value Group
  • Adaptive Planning, Inc.
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Citel Technologies, Inc.
    Mr. Orse advised Citel Technologies, Inc., a global provider of IP telephony and communications solutions, on the acquisition of the assets of MCK Communications, Inc. Mr. Orse worked closely with the Citel CEO, CFO and Board of Directors in the Due Diligence, Transition and Integration phases of the acquisition. Mr. Orse oversaw the Due Diligence phase including negotiating final closing price. Additionally, Mr. Orse advised Citel on the plan needed to seamlessly transition the MCK operations. In addition to the Citel management team, Mr. Orse worked closely with Citel and MCK outside Counsel and the MCK management team. See Citel press release for additional details.

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Metaplay, Inc.
    Mr. Orse has worked since inception with Metaplay, Inc., a developer/publisher of games for mobile devices. Mr. Orse first became involved as an advisor focusing on finance and accounting needs and has more recently been involved with CFO type activities and investing. Mr. Orse works closely with the CEO and other investors on the strategic direction of the company as well as fund raising.

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Wade Cook Financial Corporation
    Mr. Orse worked as the CFO/COO for the Trustee of Wade Cook Financial Corporation during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of this publicly traded seminar/book publishing/real estate entity. This engagement involved shutting down operations, selling off businesses and assets, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the various entities involved in the case.

    Mr. Orse was hired by the Trustee of this case as her CFO/COO during the evaluation of the reorganization viability of the company. On a day-to-day basis, Mr. Orse worked with the company and the Trustee to continue to operate the company for 60 days as the reorganization evaluation was completed. After 60 days it was determined the entity could not survive, so Mr. Orse began the process of unwinding the various entities involved and putting in place a plan to return as much money as possible to the various creditors. The plan of liquidation included 11 subsidiaries in businesses that included real estate development, book publishing, travel agency, venture capital investing, seminar fulfillment, and other investment related activities.

    Mr. Orse's activity included selling customer lists, real estate property, furniture and fixtures, computer equipment, a publishing company, inventory, vehicles, and investments in private companies. In addition, Mr. Orse worked on closing legal entities, winding up company activities, and managing the custodial needs of the estate.

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Blue Frog Mobile, LLC
    Mr. Orse has worked since inception with Blue Frog Mobile, LLC, a marketer of mobile content. Mr. Orse first became involved as an advisor focusing on finance and accounting needs. Mr. Orse works closely with the CEO and other investors on the strategic direction of the company as well as fund raising.

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Edge2net, Inc.
    Mr. Orse worked with edge2net, Inc., an international telecommunications company with annual revenue of $150m and 13 international subsidiaries, as Interim Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Orse was also the officer in charge of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy phase including administering of the Chapter 11, closing of operations, selling off operating assets, liquidating fixed assets, and collecting of accounts receivable.

    Mr. Orse was hired as interim CFO of edge2net, Inc., while the company was in the midst of attempting to raise additional funding during the telecommunications meltdown of 2001. As the company was unable to complete financing after 9/11, it was determined the company would have to file bankruptcy at which point, all the officers and board members resigned and Mr. Orse was appointed officer in charge during the Bankruptcy.

    Mr. Orse reduced staff and focused on collecting accounts receivable and liquidating assets that resided around the world. With telecommunications switches in Hong Kong, London, LA and NY and other telecommunications equipment in other countries, Mr. Orse coordinated with court approval the liquidation of the assets globally. In addition, Mr. Orse negotiated with global telecommunications companies on the collection of accounts receivable and was able to collect $10m in cash post-petition to the benefit of the creditors. Also, Mr. Orse facilitated the winding down of entities in Japan, UK, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and China.

    Mr. Orse moved the bankrupt estate towards a Trustee who was appointed and continued to work for the trustee during the Chapter 7 stage which included final collection of accounts, preference work and claims analysis as well as other administrative tasks involved with the bankruptcy court and US Trustee.

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Seanet Corporation
    Mr. Orse has performed numerous projects for Seanet Corporation, an internet service provider. These projects include bookkeeping, company valuation and other consulting analyses.

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Digital Forest, Inc.     Mr. Orse advises Digital Forest, Inc., a web hosting company. As an investor, Orse & Company provides advice on acquisitions and other strategic decisions.

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GlobalTel Resources, Inc.
Mr. Orse worked as interim CFO for Globaltel Resources, Inc., an international telecommunications company. His role in this engagement was to prepare the company for an IPO including filing the S-1 document with the SEC, responding to comments from the SEC, NASD and AMEX regarding the S-1 and preparing the finance group for public standards. In addition, Mr. Orse was the primary liaison between the investment bankers, accountants and attorneys during the S-1 process.

Mr. Orse helped GlobalTel Resources, Inc. eventually sell off the assets of the company to a competitor after the IPO market slowed down and the company was unable to go public. Mr. Orse was responsible for the day to day financial, legal and human resource functions in this $15m per year business.

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eCharge Corporation
    Mr. Orse worked as interim CFO and Director of Finance for eCharge Corporation, an online ecommerce company. Mr. Orse was engaged part-time at the inception of operations for eCharge and then fulltime and was instrumental in helping raise $72m in private financing and growing the accounting/finance/legal/HR groups during his tenure.

    In acting as CFO, Mr. Orse negotiated billing agreements with various telecommunications companies domestically and internationally including AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Telia, Telus, and other Domestic carriers. In addition, Mr. Orse helped negotiate and build a virtual credit card product with EDS.

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FreeI Networks, Inc.
    Mr. Orse worked as interim CFO for this Free Internet Service Provider as well as officer in charge during the bankruptcy phase. This engagement included winding down the company and helping payoff secured creditors. Mr. Orse was instrumental in operating the company during the Chapter 11 period and facilitating the transition to Chapter 7.

    During the Chapter 11 phase, Mr. Orse negotiated the sale and transition of the company's customer base to the buyer as well as securing a debtor in possession line of credit with Cisco Systems, Inc. Mr. Orse was involved in various litigation with creditors and stakeholders. Additionally, Mr. Orse was in charge of the company's auction of over 60,000 square feet of furniture and equipment. Also included in the tasks in this case was reporting and meeting with US Trustees office.

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Bit Learning, Inc.
    Mr. Orse worked as interim CFO for this on-line learning company during the concept stage. Mr. Orse helped raise $2.1m in a series A round. In addition, Mr. Orse help lay the foundation for the accounting and finance department as well as defining the economics for the business model.

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PAR 3 Communications, Inc.
    Mr. Orse advised PAR 3 Communications, Inc.(PAR 3), the leading provider of enterprise customer communication solutions enabling dynamic conversations between companies and the customers they serve, on the acquisition of Envoy World Wide, Inc.(EWW) Mr. Orse worked closely with the PAR3 CEO and CFO in the Due Diligence, Transition and Integration phases of the acquisition. Mr. Orse oversaw the Due Diligence phase including working with PAR 3 management, EWW management, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PAR 3 auditors), and Heller Ehrman(PAR 3 Counsel). Mr. Orse helped in transitioning various aspects of the two businesses operations, finance, and accounting functions before and after closing of the transaction. Mr. Orse oversaw integration of the two companies business plans and financial models. In addition, Mr. Orse worked closely with Strategic Value Group on the independent valuation of EWW prior to the transaction and the consolidated entity subsequent to the transaction. For additional details on the transaction see the press release at www.PAR3.com