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Our Mission

Orse & Co. is focused on advising, servicing and financing first class technology companies that will impact the global marketplace. We have extensive experience in Finance, Accounting, Operations, Mergers and Acquisitions and General Management. Since inception in 1996, we have worked with startup, small/medium sized technology and e-commerce companies as well as turnaround and bankrupt companies in the Pacific Northwest.


Every company is unique and is experiencing an ever changing marketplace. With this understanding, Orse & Co. strives to consistently deliver the following principals to every engagement.

  • Integrity Honesty, respect and loyalty
  • Quality Select people, products, services and alliances with the highest standards
  • Creativity Adapt to changing marketplaces
  • Long Term Plan Move quickly building long-term strategies
  • Execution Deliver on commitments timely and accurately
  • Alliances/Partners Build long-term strategic relationships
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Understand who the stakeholders are and implement a plan that best satisfies the stakeholders

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