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Eric D. Orse

Mr. Orse has been involved with early stage and financially distressed companies for over 15 years in the Northwest as a financial executive. He has been involved with early stage companies from concept to operations. In addition, he has worked with distressed companies working on behalf of shareholders and creditors selling off assets and restructuring entities to the benefit of the various stakeholders.

Since 1996, Mr. Orse has served as president of Orse & Co., Inc., a financial advisory firm. During his tenure with Orse & Co., Inc., Mr. Orse has provided financial advice to early stage technology and telecommunications companies and restructuring advice to companies in various stages of bankruptcy and receivership. Mr. Orse has provided counsel to clients including GlobalTel Resources, Inc., an international telecommunications company, eCharge Corporation, an online payment processing firm utilizing the telecom billing infrastructure, Bit Learning Inc. an online e-learning company and Metaplay, Inc., a mobile phone gaming company. In acting as Chief Financial Officer for these companies Mr. Orse has been instrumental in helping take these entities from concept to operations. During his engagements with each of these companies, Mr. Orse helped raise significant funding, was a member of the senior strategy team and built the accounting and finance departments.

Mr. Orse has provided financial assistance to Apex Learning, Inc., an elearning company, as the interim CFO as well as financial assistance to Varolii Corporation, a customer communications company, in helping guide them towards an Initial Public Offering.

In addition, with Orse & Co., Inc., Mr. Orse worked as the CFO/COO for the Trustee of Wade Cook Financial Corporation during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of this publicly traded seminar/book publishing/real estate entity. This engagement involved shutting down operations, selling off businesses and assets, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the various entities involved in the case. Mr. Orse worked with edge2net, Inc., an international telecommunications company with annual revenue of $150m and 13 international subsidiaries, as Interim Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Orse was also the officer in charge of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy phase including administering of the Chapter 11, closing of operations, selling off operating assets, liquidating fixed assets, and collecting of accounts receivable. Also, Mr. Orse worked with FreeInternet.com, an internet service provider, as Chief Financial Officer during the bankruptcy phase including filing of Chapter 11 and Chapter 7, selling off of operating assets, winding down of operations, and liquidating fixed assets.

Mr. Orse has advised various clients on Merger and Acquisition transactions. Recently Mr. Orse advised PAR 3 Communications, Inc., a customer communications company, with the $10.0m acquisition of Envoy Worldwide, Inc. Mr. Orse, also advised Citel Technologies Inc., a Global provider of telecommunications services, on the $4.0m acquisition of various assets and operations of MCK Communications, Inc. In each of these transactions, Mr. Orse's services included overseeing the Due Diligence process, the Transition process and the Integration process.

In addition, with Orse & Co., Inc., Mr. Orse performed numerous consulting projects for Digital Forest, Inc., AEI Music Inc., Seanet Corporation, Blue Frog Mobile, and Schlosser Geographics, Inc. These projects included business valuations, merger and acquisition work, and general accounting services.

Mr. Orse served as Chief Financial Officer of First Nationwide Automotive Acceptance, Inc., an automotive leasing finance company from May 1995 to October 1996. As a CPA, he also served as Senior Accountant in the Audit Group and Senior Consultant in the Dispute Analysis & Corporate Recovery Group at Price Waterhouse LLP from January 1994 to April 1995 and from July 1989 to January 1992.

Mr. Orse has a Masters in Business Administration from Seattle University with a concentration in Business Management and Finance and a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the same institution.

Mr. Orse lives in Seattle Washington.